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Audio Archive

Below, find soundclips from my years on the air. The sound quality varies, as most were recorded directly off the air onto cassettes. I will add to the archive as I find time to digitize the literally thousands of cassettes I have. I even have airchecks on reels, that are so old they won't play. Thanks for the feedback from old listeners over the years and the collectors who've stumbled on this site.

WOAI San Antonio ID 1981

KLLS San Antonio 1982

KLLS San Antonio 1982

KLLS San Antonio 1983

WEZB New Orleans 1983 (New)

WEZB New Orleans 1984

WEZB New Orleans 1984 (New)

WEZB New Orleans 1985

WEZB New Orleans 1985 (New)

WEZB New Orleans 1986 Mardi Gras

WEZB New Orleans Dec. 31, 2005

WEZB 1986 Get that Bag off yo Head

WZOU Boston 1986

WZOU Boston 1987 (New)

WZOU Boston 1987 (New)

KSMG San Antonio 1987

KSMG San Antonio 1987 (New)

KLUV Dallas 1988

KLUV Dallas 1988 (New)

KLUV Dallas 1989 (New)

Satellite Music Network Dallas 1990

WNNS Parody of Local Media 1992

WNNS Man I Feel Like a Mother 1995

WNNS Kellie Upside Down 2000

WNNS Kids on America 2001

The Voice of God September 11, 2001

Worry about Christmas 1 WNNS 2004

WNNS Mr. Refinery 2005

Best Bush Quotes Ever WNNS 2006

WNNS Worst Songs Ever 2006

Old Bond Powder 2006 (Never Aired)

Kerry can't Apologize. 2006

Bad Drivers PSA - WNNS 2006

Wal Mart Christmas 2006

Bri becomes Governor WNNS 2007

Worry about Christmas 2 - KFDI 2007

Mama Tried - Mothers Mix KFDI 2008

Brian & Kellie AM drive KFDI 2008

In 1977 while at Great America/Chicago, I happened upon WLS radio performing a remote broadcast. It was about 8pm, and John Landecker was on the air. He announced that he was going to present his signature bit, "Boogie Check" in minutes - live - using people on hand at the park. I stood around for a few minutes thinking what I might do if he chose me to be on the air. I was a young broadcaster at the time, and was thrilled at the chance to appear on WLS. Landecker chose me and I appeared on air. It's made for a great radio story over the years. This was the only time I appeared on WLS - until Memorial Day 2007.

WLS that day presented a "Radio Rewind", featuring the jocks and music from all those years ago. John Landecker was on the air and once again announced he was reviving "Boogie Check." Long story short, I called Landecker and found myself on WLS a second time. What did I do? The EXACT same bit I did with him in 1977. It seems fitting that in my 2 WLS appearances, I perform the same bit. He found it amusing this time too.

Click the logo below to hear this second WLS appearance - that was almost identical to the first.

Brian & Kellie KFDI 2010

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