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People along the way

These are the people I've crossed paths with. I learned a long time ago, that in this business, you perform at the level of those around you. I've colaborated with alot of people over the years. These are the people I've learned from - that have made every day interesting - every one a friend. Most of these people are on the air still today - all across America

Jim Tomlin

Scott Gillian

Mike Ryan

Keith Larson

Jim Krasula

Jim Palmer

Doug Seigel

Bob Murray

Paul Layendecker

Lee Davis

Dave Benson

Marty Wright

Stan Lewis

Marc Phillips

Mark Moore

Gene Honda

Dave Loane

Elizabeth Beller

Kevin Fennessey

John Barger

Ray Zoller

Dave Mendez

Bill Gardner

Bruce Buchanan

Victor Pryles

Rick Robertson

Jim Carter

Pat O'Leary

Jerry Dennis

Al Gardner

Dick Schuch

Nick Bazoo

Bob Reich

Scott Paisant

Scott Walker

Scott Chapin

Ken Cooper

Jerry Leausteau

Eddie Coyle

Tom Cheney

Paul Rollins

Joey Giovingo

Greg Rolling

Kris O'Kelly

Kipper McGee

Marc Leunnissen

J.J. McKay

Harry Nelson

Tom Jefferies

Karen Blake

Bob Campbell

Jim Cutler

Judi Paparelli

Ray Quinn

Stan Kelly

Megan Bishop

Chris Smith

Mitch Todd

Johnny Shannon

Reuben O. Garcia

Chuck Brinkman

Hubcap Carter

Dave LaBrozzi

Jay Cresswell

Glen Martin

Kate Garvin

Tom Kushak

Kellie Michaels

Chris Murphy

Glen Gardner

Tom Land
Valorie Knight
Beverlee Brannigan
Eric McCart

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