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State Journal Register Reader Comments - The following comments were posted following the published article announcing the departure of Brian Pierce and Kellie Michaels from WNNS in Springfield. IL.

Reader Comments - 151 comments

oh well wrote at 2/22/2007 7:16:56 AM

There's always those interminable car sales programs on the cable TV.

Loyal Listener wrote at 2/22/2007 7:19:47 AM

Brian and Kellie will be missed. I enjoyed listening to them each and every day. Good Luck to you both !!!!

Boo Mid-West Family wrote at 2/22/2007 7:22:22 AM

I heard they got fired. Since the new management has arrived, alot of people have been getting fired for very small reasons..The formats and names of the stations are changing...they are bringing in syndicated shows and programming that have nothing to do with being "locally owned", just more money. God forbid anyone at that works there questions management or makes an observation that goes against "the grain". The fact that they would be fired because of a blog is ridiculus, if that were the case, Jim Leach would have been fired long ago. It is greed, pure and simple.

Huge fan wrote at 2/22/2007 7:27:21 AM

What a shame!! loved their show, their on air antics, and they kept it clean. Hopefully Bri's opinion on his blog had nothing to do with it, everyone is entitled to their opinion, what happened to free speech? They will be sorely missed, my day will NOT be the same!! Good luck to both of you, and if you turn up on another local station, I will be changing to them!!!!

We will miss you! wrote at 2/22/2007 7:34:08 AM

Midwest!! UGH!! Change 97.7 up (not for the better) and now take Brian and Kellie off the air!! MISTAKES!! It will hurt you!

anonymous wrote at 2/22/2007 7:39:00 AM

That's sad... I really enjoyed this pair in the morning. Didn't know they were married though.

The River wrote at 2/22/2007 8:00:33 AM

Why did they change 97.7? What happened to the River? Now it's Alice, how lame.

Big babies! wrote at 2/22/2007 8:05:18 AM

Who cares what Brian said in his blog?!! Blogs are the epidemy of free speach. Obviously WNNS feels they have to sensor Brian by removing him from the air.... but they can't take his blog away! Good luck in all you do, Brian and Kellie!

dedicated listener wrote at 2/22/2007 8:06:03 AM

Brian and Kellie will be missed I enjoyed both of them every morning

Loyal Listener wrote at 2/22/2007 8:07:05 AM

Brian and kellie are a Springfield institution. Their show was always entertaining as well as informative. They really helped the community during the March 12th tornados with their extensive reporting and storm coverage. I have already changed the radio station in my car and at work. If they show up on another local station, I will follow them there. I also had no idea that they were married. Good luck Brian and Kellie whatever you do!

sjt wrote at 2/22/2007 8:11:57 AM

First the change from the River to Alice, which stinks and now Brian and Kelly gone? I'll be switching to the Capitol Radio Group now, and I think Midwest Broadcasting will suffer.

Change for the good? wrote at 2/22/2007 8:12:03 AM

So how many loyol listeners are going to leave WNNS now that Brian and Kellie are gone? How are they going to run a radio station with only 3 DJ's? Will Jim Leach really be there in the afternoon or will everything be prerecorded since he has duties on WMAY?! Maybe they will get more people like Dalilah which is a syndicated show and not have to worry about having any DJ's live on the air!

Sara wrote at 2/22/2007 8:16:26 AM

I can only imagine how many station clients are freaking out. It wasn't the same even when they took a week off.

to loyal listener wrote at 2/22/2007 8:16:49 AM

You are correct this is the only way people will get it, do not listen to that station ever again. Local Business should also do the same, at least those that play that station as it was one of the "clean" stations.

To change for the good wrote at 2/22/2007 8:17:15 AM

Your posts shows how uniformed you are. Jim doesnt have an afternoon show. He is the morning drive time man. You need to think before you speak

Distraught wrote at 2/22/2007 8:18:21 AM

I can't remember a time without Brian and Kelly in the morning. This is as if a family member has moved away, only with no warning or good-bye. I hope they find a new local station - if they do, that station will certainly have many new listeners. Good-Bye Brian & Kelly - we will miss you!

Why Can't We Have a Decent Radio Station? wrote at 2/22/2007 8:23:51 AM

Mid-West Family Broadcasting used to be great programming. What happened? Now there isn't a radio station in this town that's worth a darn, with the exception maybe of ABE FM.

Who cares! wrote at 2/22/2007 8:23:54 AM

Makes me sick! wrote at 2/22/2007 8:26:30 AM

I am shocked to hear about Brian and Kellie leaving. I ONLY hope they're not leaving Springfield area -- I drove to work 'with' them every morning, and my days won't be the same without them gearing me up!!! I wish them the BEST of luck in their futures, and I hope WNNS is ready for losing a LOT of listeners! ...I'll be looking around for Brian and Kellie.

Midwest listener wrote at 2/22/2007 8:29:18 AM

Don't forget, Ray Lytle left WQLZ last year. Makes you wonder...maybe he knew what was coming. Good Luck to all of them. There are other radio stations in this town. Any one of them would benefit from Brian and Kellie.

Will miss Brian and Kellie wrote at 2/22/2007 8:30:49 AM

I will miss them. They are great together on the radio and I never could figure out if they were husband and wife or just friends. I give them credit for keeping it that way: it can't be easy to work on the air with your spouse. Especially if you've had an argument at home. I hope they find something else very fulfulling and I wish them much luck in the future. The guy in their place needs to leave too - he's lame.

BIG FAN of Brian and Kelly - Carmen wrote at 2/22/2007 8:33:40 AM

Going home on weekday mornings was hilarious, Bri and Kell always had me laughing. They turned what may have been a hard work at night into a relaxing state on the ride home. Come back Brian and Kelly! SOON! My truck radio and I will miss you.....

change for the bad!! wrote at 2/22/2007 8:36:02 AM

I've been a loyal Brian and Kellie listener for years. My daughter listens to WDBR...although much of the music is not to my taste, I enjoy the morning duo of Dave and Dena. Until Brian and Kellie come back on the air, I will be tuning my dial to 103.7 WDBR.

Another bad move wrote at 2/22/2007 8:36:12 AM

Midwest Family is trying to cut more salary. Brian and Kelly had to be the highest paid DJ's in the Springfield Market. They will now replace them with a lower costing morning show. Midwest Family obviously didn't learn their lesson with the cutting of Ray Lytle's salary from WQLZ. That station has never been the same. WNNS has in one day gone from the biggest station in Springfield to just another run of the mill small market radio station. Note to Jim Leach, Watch your back.

wnns made a huge mistake wrote at 2/22/2007 8:39:42 AM

Brian and Kellie are so awesome to listen to...funny, upbeat, relevant, and have a HUGE following. I've listened to them for years and years ... at least 10. I hope they turn up on another local channel as that is where my radio will be tuned.....Best of luck to two wonderful people!!!

Yes! wrote at 2/22/2007 8:41:14 AM

Another example of what putting your thoughts out for the world to see will get you. Farewell and good luck!

Tom Payne wrote at 2/22/2007 8:44:26 AM

Tuned in this morning, heard Steve Parker; no offense Steve, but it is hard to change old habits. I've been listening to B/K since I moved to Springfield in 1996. If B/K want to be back on-air at WNNS, I wish them well in returning, if they voluntarily left, I wish them well. But NOW is the TIME to HEAR FROM BRIAN and KELLIE! By the way, I will now finally hook-up my SIRIUS in the house; something I've put off since I enjoyED B/K in the morning.

Just another day wrote at 2/22/2007 8:49:32 AM

Change is what makes the world great! Will it make WNNS great?

listener wrote at 2/22/2007 8:49:47 AM

i really enjoyed brian and kellie - they were the only morning radio show i could stand. the others are obnoxious and annoying. i felt like i knew them - and they were nice people, and entertaining. this really makes me mad!!! I missed them today, thought they might be taking a day off or something. what a bummer.

huh? wrote at 2/22/2007 8:50:22 AM

what does his personal blog comments have to do with the duo leaving or being fired from the station? It seems more obvious that them leaving is occurring because of new management...not Brian's political blog quarell.

Around wrote at 2/22/2007 9:01:57 AM

Kelly has done some firing of her own over the years, guess what goes around, comes around.

dh wrote at 2/22/2007 9:05:58 AM

It's all about the almighty dollar. Brian and Kelly having been there for so many years, they not only were probably the highest paid, but would have drawn sizable pensions as well. I think it sucks, and a boycott is in order folks. They need to lose ALL listeners, maybe they will get a clue. As for me, I have already switched to Capitol Radio Group. Liz is very entertaining to listen to in the mornings, and Dave and Dena do a great job as well. Good luck, Brian and Kellie, I along with many others wish you well in all your future endeavors.

Big Mistake wrote at 2/22/2007 9:07:44 AM

I just don't feel like i have a good start to my day without Brian and Kellie. They feel like old friends to me. I hope they will show up on another channel. I will surely follow. Good Bye WNNS, I don't really care to listen any more. I don't even care to listen to The river any more either, another terrible change for the worse. Bad Bad mistake guys. Best of luck Brian and Kellie. So many people love you.

Cozy wrote at 2/22/2007 9:10:43 AM

I am shocked by the news. Words cannot describe the anger I have for Midwest Family Broadcasting at this moment. They really made a huge mistake.

what the hell???? wrote at 2/22/2007 9:11:11 AM

I could not believe my eyes this morning when I read the State Journal article about Brian and Kellie. Ever since I moved to Illinois in 1998, I have listened to them. They were awesome! Never knew they were married though. I think Midwest is sinking. First they bought a religious station out (97.7) and now it is struggling to keep a format that people like...which in all part I think Alice was a lame change to make when we really need other formats in this town that Springfield is lacking. You don't see WFMB and WDBR cleaning house? Goes to show something is definitely wrong in the Midwest building! If you wanna read more comments, just go to the radio site known as and click on the Illinois board. There is a whole mess of talk about Brian and Kellie on there.

Getting a CD player wrote at 2/22/2007 9:15:49 AM

Time to get a CD player in my car. First WYMG dumps Springfield icon Liz Willis for the lame guy talk of Max and Barstool, now WNNS dumps Brian and Kellie. Like many have already said, it's all about the money and syndication. Local radio is gone. Owners on the east and west coasts are advancing their agendas nationally, like Channel 20 and their highly biased and politically slanted "The Point". Thank God that steaming pile of syndicated dung is gone! Midwest Family Broadcasting has lost its midwestern values. If Brian and Kelly show up on Internet radio, like Ray Lytle, I know I'll be tuning in at work. I'll miss "Brian and Kelly in the morning".

Alex wrote at 2/22/2007 9:17:50 AM

I agree with everyone who is saying that 97.7 sucks now. I loved 97.7 the river and now the music on there is horrible. I am so disappointed!

Stir the Pot wrote at 2/22/2007 9:28:10 AM

Sorry to see them go. If you don't like it don't complain to the station. Tell their advertisers you're not shopping there any more and why!

kro wrote at 2/22/2007 9:30:21 AM

I will miss Brian and Kellie in the morning, how sad they are leaving!! Thanks for all you did for Springfield and the best of luck to both of you! You hold a special place on our hearts and you will be missed! Hopefully we will catch you on another station, I will keep my ears open and will continue to be a faithful listener!

dh wrote at 2/22/2007 9:30:24 AM

To getting a CD player: Liz Willis didn't get "dumped", she went to 93.9 when that station went on the air a few years ago. She is on mornings if you want to listen. The best thing about that station is that they play "anything". Oh, FYI, ABE, WYMG, WDBR, all are part of Capitol Radio Group, who will now get all my attention.

Kevan has lost his mind wrote at 2/22/2007 9:32:31 AM

Smooth move Mr.Kevan Kavanaugh. You just fired the only reason I listen to your stupid little radio stations. I estimate you'll last about another month before your hung out to dry for what you pulled here yesterday. They've been around a lot longer than you have, what makes you thing you had the write answer here? Do you want to see MidWest Family fail, is that it? You took the #1 local morning show and basically told them you wanted to take them on in the market. I hope what your reading here is opening your eyes. These posts are simply from the people who have read online what you did, imagine all the people reading this in the paper who wont post. I see your numbers slipping as you read this. Steve Parker in the mornings, I thought that was a joke. Leach,,, PLEASE.

Change for the good? wrote at 2/22/2007 9:38:24 AM

I realize Jim's show is in the morning. He also has duties of being a programmer director and news director, plus getting ready for his shows in addition to covering breaking news etc. He is on the air at 6:00 am, do you really think he can sit in a studio all afternoon and get his other responsibilities taken care of? I do think before I write, do you?

Brian and Kellie Fan wrote at 2/22/2007 9:38:36 AM

I will truly miss them. I listened for years and didn't know they were married. Great job they did in entertaining us, keeping us informed with the news. I hope they are able to move on and find something else.

Tell it to the right people wrote at 2/22/2007 9:43:30 AM

Tell it to the people that did it! Kevan Kavanaugh- Dave Doetsch -

good2go wrote at 2/22/2007 9:49:39 AM

I have to agree with "Who Cares!"...Sirius is the way to go if you want music instead of B.S.

Loyal Midwest Listener wrote at 2/22/2007 9:49:47 AM

I can't believe that Bri and Kellie are gone. I have been listening and calling in for years! I occasionally listen to the River but now it's computerized. Midwests mgmt needs to get there heards back out of the clouds and into what the "people of Springfield really want." You better ask the people after all they are your market and this is a big blow to not only your advertisers seeing poor managment but also to the listeners knowing your don't back up your team!!!!

Kidding, right? wrote at 2/22/2007 9:50:23 AM

Good luck Brian and Kellie! Better things will come as a result of this separation. Greed goeth before the fall, and that station will fall as a result of the new owners' greed. I have already quit listening to the station since you all aren't on the air. I would consider it a blessing if I were you, and now you can concentrate on an even brighter future!

TV wrote at 2/22/2007 9:52:06 AM

Video killed the radio star!

thats show biz wrote at 2/22/2007 9:52:40 AM

I will be dropping all my advertising w/ midwest

dawn wrote at 2/22/2007 9:58:07 AM

oh well- I'll just listen to Dave and Dina on 103.7 now!

Wheres the Chief wrote at 2/22/2007 10:01:31 AM

Rumor has it they supported the Chief and were removed for their views on this

Kim wrote at 2/22/2007 10:01:42 AM

Good luck Brian and Kelli, I have listened to you guys for years in the morning on the way to work. Kelli, you had a way about advertising, you expressed your own personnal experiences with some of your sponsors, (i.e. hair, house repair) and that was effective. I'm sure you guys helped Gayle at the Apple Barn with her business after talking to her on the air. You were an asset to the surrounding area. I think change will do you both good, again, - good luck to both of you!

Getting a CD player wrote at 2/22/2007 10:04:35 AM

I know Liz Willis is on 93.9. I listen when I can, but it's hard to hear with the kids chatting on the way to school in the morning. Also, she has not been at 93.9 since it started. She moved there in the past year.

Gramsci wrote at 2/22/2007 10:10:24 AM

I'm glad to see the SJ-R mention some local blogs on your pages. But suggesting that blogs are to blame for him getting fired is far fetched to say the least. It amazes me how nervous some reporters can be at having citizens with blogs looking over their shoulder.

Mid-West BOREDcasting wrote at 2/22/2007 10:30:08 AM

Kushack hit the bricks....

The more things change wrote at 2/22/2007 11:04:33 AM

It's happened before, it will happen again. Morning radio won't be the same in Springfield, but life goes on. Some might say, what goes around, comes around.

John Marsh wrote at 2/22/2007 11:16:59 AM

It's obvious that place went downhill after Kushak left... I remember the Secretary's party was one of the most amazing events in this town year after year.... station charitable efforts seemed to come from the heart.... They've lost or fired considerable talent beyond Brian and Kellie and Lytle...John Lamb, Rocky, Sean Balent, Mike Wilson....I used to listen to all four of the stations... I didn't like WNNS.. but the wife insisted on it when we drove to work and B&K grew on me.. I never thought I'd pay for radio... but I also have joined the ranks of satellite radio owners.... yesterday was the final straw...

posted on wrote at 2/22/2007 11:20:59 AM

Effective today, Kellie Michaels and Brian Pierce have separated from their employment with Long Nine, Inc. Because this is a personnel matter, I am not at liberty to provide any additional details. If you have questions or concerns, please see me. If you receive questions from clients or listeners you may tell them OFF THE AIR that you received an e-mail saying Kellie and Brian no longer work here, and that’s all you know. Further inquiries should be directed to me. If you receive phone calls from Kellie or Brian at work or at home, you may speak to them (if you choose to) but you must NOT discuss anything about work or the circumstances of their departure. It is up to you whether you speak with them at all.

I WILL NEVER wrote at 2/22/2007 11:21:31 AM

patronize one business that advertises on WNNS and I think everyone should do the same. Send a message to Midwests' pocketbook!

So Sad wrote at 2/22/2007 11:21:45 AM

The news of Brian and Kellie leaving WNNS really saddens me. Every morning of our many years of marriage, we've awoken to their morning show. We always loved their great personalities and humor - a great way to wake up! Best of luck to both of them and I hope they find another local station to pick them up; we'll gladly make the switch!

posted on wrote at 2/22/2007 11:22:09 AM

Until further notice, no phone calls should be put live on the air on any of our stations – except with a 7-second delay on WMAY. Be prepared to dump any calls that make reference to WNNS or Brian or Kellie, and do not put either of them on the air if they call. On the FM stations, all calls must be pre-recorded and edited for playback. DO NOT air any calls from Kellie or Brian, and do NOT air any calls that make reference to Brian or Kellie. I know it’s upsetting when long-time employees leave the company. Rest assured, WNNS and Long Nine, Inc. will be just fine. I will find and hire a new program director and new morning show as quickly as possible. In the interim, Steve Parker has agreed to do mornings and will act as interim program director with assistance from Valerie Knight.

posted on wrote at 2/22/2007 11:22:58 AM

In the interim, Steve Parker has agreed to do mornings and will act as interim program director with assistance from Valerie Knight. Deb Kennedy will continue doing middays and music logs. Jim Leach will voice-track afternoons until a new morning show is in place and Steve can return to afternoons. Again, see me if you have questions or concerns. Thank you! Kevan Kevan Kavanaugh President & General Manager Mid-West Family Broadcasting WMAY / WNNS / WQLZ / WLCE

I'VE ALREADY CHANGED MY PRESETS wrote at 2/22/2007 11:30:18 AM

the WNNS present button has been changed in my car and pretty much gone from everyones buttons that I've spoken to.

How To Go On? wrote at 2/22/2007 11:35:09 AM

First the Chief is forced to leave UofI and now Brian & Kellie gone from WNNS? What's this state coming to? ??? The next thing you know, Gov. Rod will be staying one night at the Mansion. I see the apocolypse headed our way now. Brian & Kellie & Chief, my tears are for you today.

I don't think Midwest understands wrote at 2/22/2007 11:35:32 AM

who they're messing with!!! They underestimate Springfield citizens' loyalty to Brian & Kellie! This is the end of WNNS! - PERIOD!

I married a DJ wrote at 2/22/2007 11:39:12 AM

Nick Rogers forgot to include their real names in his article. Lots of other MidWest Family announcers use their real names, especially if they report the NEWS. It's called having credibility.

Just my opinion wrote at 2/22/2007 11:40:23 AM

Sounds like WNNS is having a huge meltdown today. Good for them. I will miss Kelly & Brian but not the rest of the lot. (Play Taps now)

Yep wrote at 2/22/2007 11:48:19 AM

It sounds to me like Kevan Kavanaugh does not respect the opinions of his listening audience nor care about the residents of Springfield. Maybe we should continue a boycott & contact the parent company to express our opinions on the absence of Brian & Kellie. His rude statements to his current employees informing them to ignore Springfield & drop called referring to past employees is rather childish. His bosses need to be made aware of his recent outstanding mistakes & his apathetic attitude towards his listeners.

Who??? wrote at 2/22/2007 11:53:38 AM

What Jim Leach is on else where ... what a shame.. there is a reason for digital entertainment .. to NOT listen or watch anything coming from Springtuky...

Have you been to the WNNS website? wrote at 2/22/2007 11:55:04 AM

It's a total joke now. Click on personalities - ha! ha! There are 3 people! And the website is just lacking now that all the Bri & Kellie stuff is gone! This station has successfully put itself into the toilet!

Free Speech wrote at 2/22/2007 11:59:38 AM

Contracts run out. Some get renewed, some not. Radio is and always will be a numbers game. And as for this "news," newspapers love to report the demise of their "competition" getting the ax. Brian and Diana will have to start a retirement home for all of Mid West's former employees. They are not the only ones in their history to lose their livlihood, thanks to corporate decisions. Welcome to the real world! And get a real job.

Former WNNS Listener wrote at 2/22/2007 12:08:32 PM

Did some research and have contact information for Midwest Family Broadcast parent company. Main Telephone Number 1-608-273-1000. Tom Walker appears to be the one in charge.

Cozy wrote at 2/22/2007 12:12:14 PM

To "I married a DJ": The world knows them as Brian Pierce and Kellie Michaels. They have been on the air long enough that these names have stuck with them. Whether they are their "real" names or not, they have all the credibility in the world.

You know... wrote at 2/22/2007 12:23:33 PM

All you have to do is change the channel or the medium. I love my XM radio. You could not pay me to listen to Jim Leach again.

Jeff Franklin wrote at 2/22/2007 12:27:52 PM

Sorry you took a job you hate Free Speech... if you're doing your job successfully, you should keep it. I didn't like their show that much, but my wife did and there's no doubt it was a success. That formula applies for any job.

Bob from Riverton wrote at 2/22/2007 12:35:30 PM

I only listen to radio stations for the music. I don't need to be entertained by the DJ's. CD players are nice too. WCVS recently fired afternoon guy Michael T & replaced him with something called Smash. Uggh! As much as I don't really care who the DJ is, I have to admit,I miss his on air personality & his music play list. Now they are playing more 80's hairband stuff which I don't like. I just change the channel. There is absolutely somtehing smelling of corporate changes going on in Spfld. They are screwing us on all music & radio personalities. My suggestion? Make use of that CD player & listen to your own music. The DJ'S are just people like you & me. They will find another job. MUSIC RULES! NOT THE DJ'S.

Town & Country Banc wrote at 2/22/2007 12:38:51 PM

This place advertises incessantly on WNNS. I'm already making arrangements to change my mortgage from them to Chase Bank. I'm not going to take this lying down!

Done with WNNS wrote at 2/22/2007 12:47:00 PM

the only reason I ever listened to WNNS was for Kelli and Brian, when they were not on, I chose another station. Looks like I'm gone from WNNS for good. The listeners at least deserve an explanation after being loyal listeners.

Bob from Riverton wrote at 2/22/2007 12:49:59 PM

Why would you refinance your house because your favorite moring radio people are gone? That is just insane. If all the soap companies advertised on WNNS would you quit bathing too? You are too funy!

stunned wrote at 2/22/2007 12:51:02 PM

And they kept Molsen and Lee?????? Their next step will to bring Libri back to do the weather forecast.

No Bob wrote at 2/22/2007 12:53:48 PM

I wouldn't quit bathing!.....but I would change brands of soap! Whatever soap was not advertising with WNNS is the soap I would choose. That's how loyal I am to Brian & Kellie! There's nothing funny about it!

anonymous wrote at 2/22/2007 12:54:37 PM

Midwest Broadcasting is pathetic. I am pulling all my advertising from them and their worthless station.

rather odd wrote at 2/22/2007 12:55:21 PM

since there's no way to know if it was a firing or a quitting... y'all are guessing... which makes you rather pathetic.

Anonymous MidWest Family Advertiser wrote at 2/22/2007 1:09:16 PM

I've already pulled my advertisements from this broadcasting group. What the average Joe needs to know is that, as an advertiser, I want my product to be broadcast to my target market. For me it's people in there late 20's to early 40's who want to get in shape. A normal person doesn't want to hear about weight loss from some single guy who sounds like a wimp. They want to hear it from someone that sounds like they do, people who are there age going through the same things they go through each day. Now that B&K are gone my target market just turned the station. So now my job is to find out where they went and to try and get them back. --->

Anonymous MidWest Family Advertiser wrote at 2/22/2007 1:09:42 PM

cont.... Unfortunately chances are they've spread out so it's more difficult for me to hit as many people at one time as I did on there show.

Very Upset wrote at 2/22/2007 1:13:12 PM

I have been listening to Brian and Kellie for as long as they have been on the radio together. Letting Brian and Kellie leave was a BIG mistake. I along with other friends will no longer listen to WNNS!!!!

CC - Another Loyal Fan wrote at 2/22/2007 1:15:37 PM

I called this back in December. First came the Christmas music 24-hours a day right after Thanksgiving. I LOVE Christmas music, but it is a bit much that early. Huge change. Then came the interview. Remember when Brian and Kellie interviewed this Kevan guy one morning. They talked about his Christmas tie, his move to Springfield, and his plans and committment to the radio station. I could tell something wasn't right. I knew back then the relationship sounded "strained" and that Brian and Kellie probably perceived this guy as arrogant. Next, enter The Delilah Show. Another huge change. Mornings will not be the same without Brian and Kellie. They are iconic. They will be missed. Brian has the best "radio voice" around. I hope B&K stay in town and end up at a rival station. I will follow.

To Anonymous Advertiser wrote at 2/22/2007 1:16:15 PM

I'm your target demographic and I've switched to 93.9 full time now. Might as well listen to canned, computer generated music from my generation all the time. I always listened to B & K in the morning, then switched to ABE later in the day.

To anonymous advertiser wrote at 2/22/2007 1:28:54 PM

I have also switched to 93.9. I would listen to Brian and Kellie and then switch to the River. Now the River is awful. Then it was Brian and Kellie and Abe. Now it's just Abe.

To Free Speech wrote at 2/22/2007 1:32:35 PM

Who is Diana?

What's this "Alice" thing I keep reading about? wrote at 2/22/2007 1:34:52 PM

Is the River just playing all Alice Cooper, all the time? Who in the world is Alice? I was going to switch to that channel and have a listen, but I don't think I can stomach it. Who is Alice?

Cozy wrote at 2/22/2007 1:36:46 PM

I think it's great how everyone is banding together. MWF definitely made a mistake, but I don't think that B&K are gone for good.

Who? wrote at 2/22/2007 1:36:50 PM

Who is Diana? Who is Alice? Who is Abe? Who are all these one-name DJ's?

B & K should take over ABE wrote at 2/22/2007 1:41:31 PM

It's the perfect music, perfect target audience, perfect situation.

too bad wrote at 2/22/2007 1:41:48 PM

It's unfortunate. However, the best morning radio show remains BOB and TOM!!

A Breakfast Flake Fan wrote at 2/22/2007 1:43:08 PM

Best of luck Brian And Kellie! I have been listening to you guys since the beginning. It was obvious you loved your jobs! Anyone who put as much time in had to. This fan will be lost without your morning show! In the mean time, I will be looking for another show to listen to. You will be missed!

Why not? wrote at 2/22/2007 1:44:56 PM

Since Brian and Kellie are gone, instead of Jim Leach, why not put Pamela Furr "the mouth of the south" on. I tried to listen to her a few times, but couldn't hack it. Maybe she'd be better as a DJ than she is as a talk show person.

Robert wrote at 2/22/2007 1:45:48 PM

For some reason my comments never made it to the board this morning. Personally, I am glad to see them go. They were rather heartless and now I just hope that CMN will dump them as well. I have now added WNNS back to my radio presets in the car and home stereo system.

Anonymous wrote at 2/22/2007 1:53:41 PM

I also feel bad for MidWest's account executives. Their income may very well suffer if businesses choose to cut their advertising budgets for these stations. After all, why would a company waste money advertising on a station where people aren't listening?

sadly missed wrote at 2/22/2007 1:53:58 PM

I'll miss Brian and Kellie, too. I know they'll succeed in their new venture. We'll be looking forward to their next radio gig!!

Why Not? Because wrote at 2/22/2007 2:08:04 PM

You don't like Pamela and you want her to wake up the listening audience of WNNS or scare them off to another radio group?

makes ya go hhhmmmm! wrote at 2/22/2007 2:18:45 PM

Today the Jim Leach show blog and Molson and Lee discussion boards have been shut down...... makes one think that maybe it was Brain's bloggong that got him in trouble!

maxwell wrote at 2/22/2007 2:23:50 PM

well no more bussiness to them and all went to the dogs since ray lytle left. XM radio!!??

What else is new....... wrote at 2/22/2007 2:24:04 PM

Now WNNS needs to get rid of delilah and deb kennedy. both are very annoying. I will no longer listen to wnns especially on saturdays. steve parker is about the only one that is any good. forget jim leach and deb kennedy and delilah. i will be listening to other stations or my cds.

anonymous wrote at 2/22/2007 2:25:14 PM

Brian and Kellie were WNNS - I love them like family. Good-bye WNNS!

how could they? wrote at 2/22/2007 2:34:23 PM

They need to change the name from MidWest Family to MidWest Anti-Family because what family truly fires there people.

WNNS wrote at 2/22/2007 2:41:21 PM

I'm sorry but I defined WNNS by Brian and Kellie. Now that they are gone WNNS has no backbone therefore, in my own opinion, seems like a pointless waist of airspace.

News wrote at 2/22/2007 2:42:09 PM

Are we going to see this on the news tonight at 10???

DOT on Stevenson wrote at 2/22/2007 2:51:23 PM

The ladies in the office will all miss you both very much.

Of all the DJs in all the towns...... wrote at 2/22/2007 2:53:41 PM

......why oh why Midwest could you not get rid of Pamela Ferr???? I turn off MAY whenever I hear that annoying voice. I would just as soon listen to Brian & Kellie forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boycot wrote at 2/22/2007 2:53:52 PM

I'm calling all devoted B&K fans to totally boycot this station. Better yet, don't purchase anything from the advertisers on the station, that way they all start pulling there big money contracts and go somewhere deserving.

Felicia Dresydale (a long- time loyal listener) wrote at 2/22/2007 2:54:29 PM

I was lost Thursday morning without Brian and Kellie. My dial has been set with WNNS for as long as I can remember. Not anymore!! Any organization that would let these two people slip away is not worth my time!! The ONLY way I will EVER listen to another MWF station is if Brian and Kellie come back. They have always been and will always be a "class act" in my book and judging from the number of responses I've read, I'm not the only one who feels this way. I will miss you Brian and Kellie. My mornings will never be the same. Thank you for all the fun and for all the laughs. Please let us know where you are so we can ALL tune in!!!!!!!

Advertising Boycott wrote at 2/22/2007 2:55:56 PM

To be honest, I was not a Brian & Kellie fan. Something about them just seemed phony to me. They obviously had many very loyal fans in the Central Illinois area, including my husband. That being said, it is admirable that everyone wants to continue being loyal to them in light of the abruptness of their departure. As far as boycotting their advertisers, it seems to be a bit premature to say you'll no longer do business with anyone who has done advertising with MWFB. The WNNS advertisers are probably just hearing of this situation too and they'll need to have time to break contracts or ride out a current contract. Unless you continue to listen, you won't know who dropped their advertising and may thereby unfairly punish an honest business because of a knee-jerk reaction. There are many small local businesses who can't afford to lose customers that way.

taxmanrevolver to How Could They wrote at 2/22/2007 3:05:39 PM

It depends on your definition of family. Lots of families are dysfuntional in the midwest.

???? wrote at 2/22/2007 3:06:39 PM

What did brian say that was so bad? WMAY talks politics all the time. What did he say to get fired over? Or was this all planned-97.7 switched to 70's to 90's music which was pretty much the same as wnns?

Stir the Pot wrote at 2/22/2007 3:08:06 PM

If it's on News Channel 20 the video will be at 6pm followed by the sound at 10pm.

P wrote at 2/22/2007 3:10:39 PM

I remember Brian's first day on the air, well before Kellie. He ran an informal contests for what to use as an on-air last name "because my parents still live in town and I don't want them bothered." I suppose that's still a good enough reason not to publish his real name, gang.

KIM & PATTI wrote at 2/22/2007 3:16:19 PM

I can tell you the only reason we listened to light rock 99 was for Brian & Kellie in the morning.We didnt listen any other time.Now we won't listen at all.

Quit Kevan before it's to late wrote at 2/22/2007 3:18:58 PM

No brains Kevan. If i'm coaching a pro football team and it's Sunday, I don't take out Tom Brady to put in some nobody backup. I leave in the big gun to win the game. You've esentially traded Tom Brady. Whoever gets these two will see and automatic rise in there ratings and advertising I bet you. I hope you can't sleep at night. FYI, it's what I want to hear about, this is news. To tell your staff not to talk about it is extremely irresponsible.

MWF failed it's own wrote at 2/22/2007 3:21:23 PM

This is how you payback devotion and commitment, by firing them? Nice to see you have no loyalty to your staff. Those of you left at those stations, you're clearly not safe. If they can fire B&K they can fire you too.

Anonymous wrote at 2/22/2007 3:21:29 PM

I've already changed my radio station.

Brett wrote at 2/22/2007 3:32:53 PM

Can Jim Leach be the next to go? Pretty please?

MAKE NO MISTAKE wrote at 2/22/2007 3:36:35 PM

"Separated from their employment" means they were let go, got fired, found the pink slip in their paycheck, given the rubber key, got sacked, their show was cancelled, and their services were no longer required.

Disappointed! wrote at 2/22/2007 3:42:31 PM

I loved Brian and Kellie's format and funny banter but I also liked the way they connected with us as a community,like one big family. I can remember going through 9/11 with those guys on the radio. The troops going off to Iraq, last years tornados. There was something about these two people that gave you a sense of comfort. I can't put my finger on it exactly but they just made you feel like things were going to be O.K. Just like with Jim Leach all night long after the tornado. He just made you feel better. I think when you get the kind of connection with your listeners that Brian and Kellie obviously had, you are doing something right. We, their loyal listeners, are not going to go away without some answers Midwest Family Broadcasting. Despite your attempts to keep it quite on the air!!

the inside wrote at 2/22/2007 3:45:49 PM

The bulk of these posts know a bit too much about the industry... hence, they are coming from Capital Group, Clear Channel, or MWF. Try to disguise yourselves a bit better. These aren't real complaints.

Can you help? wrote at 2/22/2007 3:53:29 PM

Seriously, can anyone tell me where on my dial I can find a morning show like Brian and Kellie's. I enjoyed all their humor and all the fun "stuff". What I got this morning on WNNS in place of their show was awful. I realize he was just filling in but if something doesn't happen soon, no one will be listening!! Is there another station I can listen to that is "fun" in the morning? Just asking, 'cause I really am looking!

THE JIMSTER wrote at 2/22/2007 3:58:10 PM

Well although he did get fired from midwest family, Ray Lylte is still in town.... hes on the internet now

Point of Order wrote at 2/22/2007 4:02:19 PM

Hey "the inside", there are plenty of NON-insiders complaining about losing Brian and Kellie. Have you actually read ALL of the posts? Most of us are loyal listeners who have just lost two "good friends" and are quite upset about it!! Don't try to sweep "US" under the rug!!!

Felicia Dreysdale wrote at 2/22/2007 4:09:45 PM

Brian and Kellie, I hope you are reading these posts and I hope you are feeling all the love from your loyal fans. Please find some way to come back to us on another station. I miss you guys!!!!!!!!!

Looking also wrote at 2/22/2007 4:10:25 PM

I loved their humor there personalities were just a great mix. The family atmosphere is really going to be hard to find. I really respect how they conducted there show in a mature family way. Kids were always welcome to listen. (If something was going to be discussed that was not necessarily appropriate they would give a warning to cover the little ones ears or have them leave the room.) That I truly will miss. Good Luck B&K and I hope to hear you both very soon on the air waves.

iPOD for X-mas wrote at 2/22/2007 4:23:20 PM

I really didn't need to iPod my husband got me for X-mas until now. good thing I got all the podcasts I could get.

Kushaks had nothing to do with it wrote at 2/22/2007 4:35:32 PM

I just want you all to know Tom and Marilyn Kushak's are the greatest people to work for and they retired from Midwest Family Broadcasting years ago. They have nothing to do with the current situation, Glen Gardner was the previous GM, before Kevan. Please do not badger the Kushak's they have nothing to do with the current situation.

locally owned/family owned? wrote at 2/22/2007 4:45:53 PM

MWF needs to change their name to Long Nine, Inc...they are no longer owned by just by local Springfield family owners, and no longer have any different focus than their competitors. Kellie I thought was one of the owners, but maybe just a stockholder? There may be a good reason why they are gone, but Brian & Kellie will STILL BE MISSED. If you liked them on air, they felt like family & friends. Syndicated Radio Shows, like the chain restaurants, the big department stores etc take the personal home town, locally operated, attention to customers out of the daily job performance. What's left may still be good, may even add something because of the cash behind it, but it still doesn't have that personal touch and caring for the people around you. Sad fact of the world, locally owned businesses are a dying species.

Emily wrote at 2/22/2007 4:53:57 PM

I loved them! Every morning my Mom would take me and my older brother to school, and Brian and Kellie were always on - every morning. It's sad.

WNNS, what were you thinking........ wrote at 2/22/2007 4:57:14 PM

I cannot believe that this just happened overnight. How could this "so called" management team allow something like this to happen to such talented DJ's as Brian & Kelly. Have you checked your ratings lately? The day your radio station goes off the air for lack of listeners, you will see what a big goof you have made by letting these two talented people slip away and not having the so called "guts" to stand up for them. You must have forgotten about the freedom of speech. Anyway, to Brian and Kelly, best of luck to 2 of the best DJ's out there. I am sure that you both will find another radio station to work for that would be proud to have you on their team.

UPSET IN SPRINGFIELD wrote at 2/22/2007 4:58:02 PM

Why get rid of all the people that people listen to your radio station for ?? Now listing to a st louis station..boycotted springfield station all the way !!

Brian and Kellie wrote at 2/22/2007 5:00:42 PM

You are missed more than you will ever know. This springfield listener wishes you both all the happiness life can bring you .. Your Fans will always be your fans and we will always stick behind you 100% Best of luck in life guys you are missed !!

a "sad" fan wrote at 2/22/2007 5:21:21 PM

Hey Brian and Kellie...if you are out there, give us a shout. If you are reading this and you know Brian and Kellie personally, tell them to log on and read these posts. It's got to make them feel good that so many people love them so much and desperatly want them back. Brian and Kellie, let us hear from you guys real soon..please!!!

Brian and Kellie Fan wrote at 2/22/2007 5:35:08 PM

I really loved listening to Brian and Kellie in the mornings. I am really going to miss the couple and now listen to another station. I hope that this incident will not affect Brian and Kellie's endeavors for new jobs I will positively be listening when they do. I also agree with others in that this will definitely affect ratings now that Midwest Family has done other changes. Best of luck to them and to the broadcasters, hopefully they can keep the inflow of money to stay local and not sell out. Wonder why other bloggers haven't encountered problems with questionable input, and Brian is getting reprimanded by the public and the higher ups? Aren't we as Americans entiltled to our First Amendment right of free speech as long as it it moral, ethical, adn not willing harm?

Hi home wrote at 2/22/2007 5:50:55 PM

Brian and Kelly good luck. If other stations have an ounce of sense, you'll be back on the air tomorrow. However, if I read any more grief expressed over Ray Lytle missing I'll puke. He, and everyone involved in his show only further expressed the stereotyped lack of class and taste I have to endure living north, coming from Springfield. Please, no more tears over Lytle.

Mid west family? ,,,right.... wrote at 2/22/2007 6:02:00 PM

OK-lets be clear. It is not about some blog Brian did. It's about the money. Mid west, who claims to be locally owned, which I guess is true if we lived in Wisconsin, has been bleeding red ink for some time. From the mis step of the warehouse to the departure of Ray. To their revolving door of employees to lame format changes. How do you stop the bleeding? Fire people who make the big money. Then hire people at a cheap wage. That is why, unfortunately Ms. Furr will stay. Best option? Do not listen,,,,

55mwf wrote at 2/22/2007 6:22:56 PM

Some other market will benefit from our loss. I will truly miss my weekday morning "fix" of Brian and Kellie; they brought a smile to my face even when I was not in agreement with their opinions or politics. Is the first amendment alive and well somewhere in our city?

Lincoln, IL Fan wrote at 2/22/2007 6:25:08 PM

We will now only listen to WNNS on Sundays when Deb Kennedy is on the Jazz Brunch. We have set our TV to come on at 5:30 am. Use to hate it when B & K were on vacation. Mornings were not the same. When B & K get back on the air, we will be there! Thought that Midwest was run by its listeners. WELL, ARE YOU LISTENING??????

Pathetic Competition wrote at 2/22/2007 6:45:27 PM

I'm sure that it's a shock for Springfield, but radio personalities eventually leave for one reason or another. What I do find sad is how it is CLEARLY obvious how many people from the other radio stations, especially Capital Radio Group, have used this forum as a way to somehow promote their stations. Why don't we look back and see how much $$$ MWF has donated to charities and how they have been involved in the community. B&K were only a PART of the radio station...let's see what MWF's next move is. I'm sure you probably have to have half a brain cell to operate that many radio stations and do as well as they do. As for the competition, you obviously don't have any of those advertisers to work with since you're BEGGING for them on here... As for WNNS, I guess we'll see how smart they really are.

loves radio wrote at 2/22/2007 6:45:45 PM

Wow, what a great testiment to the popularity of radio! Sorry for your loss B/K, but great talent always finds a place to shine. If I were an advertiser, I would buy every spot possible in the next several days because every one of you will be listening to hear what happens next, and to double check to see if they will come back. Bravo! Radio listeners in Spfld. dont be haters! Call the GM and tell him what you think! These responses are powerful! Love it! Long live local radio!

The Eleventh Hour Rocks wrote at 2/22/2007 6:50:27 PM

Want some great local entertainment to stimulate your brain? Check out That dude is is solid entertainment. Intelligent without pretense or having to be a "radio star". Wouldn't have found the blog without the little skirmish with Brian. Sorry Brian. Hope everything works out for you and Kelly. Hate to see anyone lose their gig. All the best.

The Eleventh Hour Rocks wrote at 2/22/2007 6:54:37 PM

Sorry! That is

Havana listener wrote at 2/22/2007 6:54:44 PM

Shame on you Kevin Kavanaugh, shame on Midwest Family Broadcasting. You lost the best DJs in the area. Your email directions to your staff regarding how to handle this situation was classless and utterly tasteless. Hang up on people? Very mature. ABE-FM will be my morning station now... that or my CD player. I hope that MANY of WNNS listeners will follow suit. MWFB isn't loyal to their listeners, why should we want to be loyal to them?

anonymous wrote at 2/22/2007 6:57:54 PM

Midwest Family and everything the Kushacks sacrificed to make it what it is has done nothing but go downhill since they retired. I bet Midwest subscribes to ratings now... WEll, how is WQLZ mornings? Imagine how difficult it will be to sell marketing campaigns without having your one little niche... being LOCAL! Watch out Midwest Employees... SAGA is around the corner. Watch for management cooking the books to look good for bids. The way they run business (into the ground) they will sell without losing a second's sleep. To all of the account executives... go and sell something else. Something where you can stand behind the name and have respect for yourself. Even if it is selling BROADBAND cable! :) Long Nine can watch their revenue go DOWN DOWN DOWN. Bring Back Kushacks!

Petersburg fan wrote at 2/22/2007 7:09:52 PM

Looks like it is time to change my pre-set #1 from WNNS. I only listened to WNNS for Bri and Kel anyway, then it was ABE all the way. Brian and Kelly, let us know where you go - we will follow!!! The perfect scenario would be you two at ABE!!! I'm going to miss you in the mornings - I guess for now I will reacquaint myself with my CDs! Good riddance WNNS!!

Dr. J wrote at 2/22/2007 7:16:06 PM

Stone Age should be the next to go. If I want to hear Chi-town radio djs I go to Chicago. P.S. Chicago is weak!
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